Nileks, Ltd. offers:

• Charcoal

• Plastic bags from 3kg, 10kg, up to 26 kg.

• Paper bags from 3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg

Our company has the necessary laboratory test registrations for the production of charcoal, which is a sure indicator of the quality of our products.


Fire should be done with wood or products specially designed for this!

Do not use for kindling inflammable liquids!

For use in confined spaces must have appropriate ventilation!

Baking begins when the charcoal is covered with a fine white ash layer and grill is very hot!

Keep dry!


Chemical composition: charcoal

Appearance: pieces of different sizes

Color - black

Ash - 5% max.

Moisture - 15% max.

Carbon - 80% min.

Material - oak, hornbeam.