" Nileks " Ltd.

Nileks Ltd. was established in 2002, it is the successor of ET Nileks - NM , which has existed since 1993 . Since then, its main purpose is the production of high quality charcoal, processing and sales of firewood. The company processes 16,000 – 20,000 cubic meters of a year hardwood. The factory of the company is located near the town of Elhovo, and spans on 6000 square meters. The company has two warehouses in the country and one in Greece. Our monthly capacity reaches 200 tons of charcoal.

Our charcoal is produced in the brick kilns of solid hardwood oak and hornbeam.


Plastic bags from 3kg, 10kg, up to 26 kg.

Paper bags from 3kg, 5kg, and 10kg.

Firewood is cut or split with a corresponding preferred length and diameter according to customer requirements.

Our company has the necessary laboratory tests registrations for the production of charcoal, which is a sure indicator of the quality of our products.


Email: nileks@abv.bg   |   Site: http://nileks.com/